Shawn Richman

Rider Profile

DOB: April 11, 1989

Hometown: Haiku – Maui, Hawaii

Home spot: Kite Beach

Sponsors: Naish


Favorite Naish Gear: Draft & Dub

Duties as Team Rider @ Naish: Promote the brand and the sport while making hard things look easy.

KB goals: To continue to develop and push my own unique riding style while having fun on the water, and to travel promoting the sport and how fun it can be.


When did you start riding?
I started kiting a long time ago. I think I first went upwind in 2002. That was back in the 2-line days and I learned on a 2.5 meter kite that used to kick my butt.

Have you played in the dirt recently?
All the time, whether I am on a mountain bike, dirt bike, driving my 4X4 truck or just jumping up and down in mud puddles. The dirt and I are good friends!

What’s your latest non-kiting obsession?
Apart from kiting and all the other sports I do, I am also working toward becoming an Arborist. I am becoming obsessed with climbing trees and trying to learn as much as I can about how to make them happier and how to prune them properly. It’s such a cool thing to do as I spend so much of my life in the ocean and now I am spending more and more time in the forest.

My philosophy of life is….
Love, work hard, play hard, and when not doing those…. hibernate.

When are you happiest?
I am happy a lot of the time – but I think I am happiest when I am at home hanging outside with my loved ones, playing in the yard, throwing balls for my dog and just enjoying the moment and not getting caught up in all the things that life has us running around doing.

Are you a spender or a saver?
I probably fall in the spender category, but I justify it by saying “you have to speculate to accumulate”.

Would you rather have an extra finger or lose a finger?
Extra finger for sure!!! Imagine all the things you could do. Your grip would be that much better. I bet typing would be faster. Handle passes would probably be easier. Umm having a hard time thinking of other benefits, but I would hate loosing a finger so an extra one is much better than that. It would kind of suck having to get custom made gloves all the time though.

As a professional athlete who travels around the world and sees different styles of kiteboarding, what do you think about the status of kiteboarding right now? How do you see it evolving?
Kiteboarding is a very unique sport. People all around the world are so into it and are taking it to different extremes left and right – whether it’s on the water, snow, ice or dirt and they’re racing, doing freestyle, trying to fly with huge jumps, cruising or fishing just to name a few.

I hope we have more events like this year’s “King of the Air” in South Africa so we can establish a mainstream form of kiting that is able to air on TV and Media and is able to get the world’s attention and bring some more resources into the sport. This would ignite another explosion that will take kiting to the next level.