2014 Digit Binding Designer’s Notes w/ Lars Moltrup

December 5, 2013

Why is the Digit binding the choice for me?

If you are looking for a “no-compromise” binding with high stability and stiffness while still offering amazing comfort, (and at a favorable price point), the Digit is the binding for you!


Where did you get the inspiration for the Digit?

The inspiration for the Digit came from snowboard bindings and wakeboard boots.  While still maintaining the classical function and look of a traditional kiteboard strap and pad setup, we applied modern, high volume production methods – which in the end, added quality, fit, and style to the Digit.


What is the benefit of the injected plate w/ multiple angle options?

The injection molded plate offers extremely high durability through its glassfiber reinforced plastics and stable platform for the multiple density EVA pad. By utilizing injection molding technology, the plate integrates the different features seamlessly and efficiently without adding extra parts, keeping the design simple and intuitive. It also offers multiple stance options.


How does the Digit perform in cold water?

All Naish products go through rigorous performance and component break testing in varying air and water temperatures.  The Digit’s soft EVA footbed has also been put through the same demanding testing.


What else is there to say about the Digit?

The Digit really does offer the best of all worlds. Great comfort, amazing stability, and a sleek design – all at a favorable price point.