2019 Naish Directionals | Global, Go-To & Skater

2019 Naish Global | Performance Wave
Sizes: 5’8″, 5’10”
Although a great all-around performer, the Global is designed to be ridden fast and hard matching the speed and power of the world’s premiere waves.
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2019 Naish Go-To | Versatile Wave
Sizes: 5’6″, 5’9″
Designed to perform no matter what conditions are presented, the Go-To has quickly become a favorite board for strapless riders, thanks to its easy-to-please shape.
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2019 Naish Skater | Versatile Wave/Freeride
Sizes: 5’2″, 5’4″, 5’6″
Responsive and snappy, the Skater is the ultimate board for kiters who ride a variety of conditions and the perfect choice for twin tip riders that are new to directional riding.
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