Catching Up with Ewan Jaspan on the 2018 Triple-S Invitational, Film Projects and More.

July 19, 2018

About the 2018 Triple-S Invitational

Building off his success in 2017, Naish’s Ewan Jaspan has continued to build momentum for 2018. With a late start to the Kite Park League Tour, Ewan stayed busy at home in Australia focusing on film projects while training to defend his title at the 2018 Triple-S Invitational. The Triple-S is one of the longest running kite contests hosted by Real Watersports in Cape Hatteras, North Carolina and has built a reputation as one of kiteboardings most prestigious contests. Every year this event has continued to build inviting only the best wakestyle kiters, and drawing big crowds for the riding displayed on the water and the growing concert series with top musical acts. Naish caught up with Ewan as he has made his annual pilgrimage to Hood River after the Triple-S and see how this years event went and what he has planned for the rest of 2018.

Naish: How was it coming in as the reigning champ, did you feel like you have more pressure or a target on your back this year?

Ewan: Coming into the event was definitely more pressure, as two years previous I was 5th place and this was a big one to defend. Before the event we spent a few weeks riding the slick with most of the other competitors and the hunger to take the win was pretty evident amongst everyone. I was mostly just hoping I wasn’t going to totally blow it and have a shot at the win again. 

Wind Conditions in Cape Hatteras

N: As all kiteboarders know, wind is essential to any kiteboarding event. How were the conditions in Cape Hatteras this year?

E: The conditions were far from ideal, it was a classic case of great winds all the way up until the day of the event, then it shut off. Throughout the week we kited every possible wind direction, often with no success. We actually were out at the slick every single day trying and waiting, and even then we only ran a two feature final in very borderline conditions, which was a bit unfortunate, as it didn’t leave much room for error or show the highest level possible.

N: With the inconsistent wind was there additional challenges with having to be ready to go at a moments notice?

E:  On the night of the Ky-Mani Marley concert there was zero wind forecast for the next day, so it was a bit of a late night. but then at the 7am internet update it was 18 knots SW, and every single competitor had partied the night before. That was definitely a challenge and some people definitely struggled more than others. 

The Real Watersports Concert Series

N: Beyond the riding, the Triple-S has also continued to raise the bar for the parties off the water, what were some of the highlights this year?

E: Last year we had it perfect, we finished the comp half way through the second day and had the week to spend as we wished, with plenty of good parties and times throughout the week. This time around we had to take it easy as every day there was a possibility that there would be competition the next day, but that definitely didn’t mean we missed out on too much good music/nightlife. This year they had a great line up with Ky-Mani Marley, 2 Chainz and a huge closing party on the lawn with The Roots, it was epic.

Hood Jam, Film Projects and What’s Next

N: Any plans for the rest of the summer?

E: I’ve just arrived in the PNW (Hood River) to base myself until the Hood Jam event. We have lots of events coming up such as the Jetty Island Light Wind Olympics, Kite Clash in Squamish, KB4C in Hood, Bridge of the Gods in Stevenson and then the Hood Jam. Amongst all that I’m trying to shoot a section for a year long video part and progress my riding. Should be a good time!

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2018 Triple-S Invitational Photo Gallery

Photo Credit: Nate Appel & Toby Bromwich