Drew Christianson

Date of Birth

Drewchristianson.com / Bestprokiteboarding.com



Bridge of the Gods, Triple-S Open

Naish, Patagonia, XSories, Dakine, Hobie Polarized, LP Foils

Goals for 2016
To stop crashing so hard…

Favorite Naish Gear
is bread and butter for freestyle! Pivot for everything else!

Riding Style
Got to do it all!


What sets Naish apart from other brands?
Naish makes gear I can trust no matter what I’m putting it through! Not many companies have a 24 time World Champion behind them either.

WHEN did you start riding and WHY?
I started riding in 2009 after my family had moved down to Florida from Wisconsin. We left our boat behind and I was forced to find something else to pull me around.. Little needs to be said here but I don’t miss my boat anymore.

There are athletes and pro athletes. What was the turning point that took you to the next level?
It’s pretty hard to say when I took my level of riding to a pro status. I think the big move that really showed I was all in was when I pulled out of college after being there for 2 years. Was kind of the big here we go moment!

Craziest kiteboarding injury?
Been pretty luckily really.. Probably should stop putting girls on my shoulders though while kiting that can get dicey.

If you were trapped on an island and could only bring 3 things with you, WHAT would they be and WHY?
My kite, pump and foil. Not necessarily to escape the island as who knows what’s on this island could be the best problem one could ever have.

What’s it really like to be a pro-rider?
You don’t get all the girls out there for being able to fly a kite I’ll tell you groms that now haha..

If you were an animal, WHAT would you be and WHY?
I’d be a penguin hands down! For whatever reason I’ve always loved this animal since I was a little kid. Besides things trying to eat you it seems like a pretty good time!

What 3 things do you absolutely have to bring with you when traveling?
Headset for all the planes, contacts so I can see everyone’s pretty faces and my Naish kites of course!

What’s the best advice anyone ever gave you?
My parents where always the best role models, seeing them always working towards a goal that created a future they wanted is something not many people live towards. Most people work to create someone else’s dream, chasing after your own goals is over said but not over achieved.

If you weren’t a pro-kiter what would you be?
I don’t know, its quite tough to say yeah? Without all the lessons kiting has taught me about myself and the world its really hard say. Probably if I didn’t kite I’d be just out of college.. Graduated at least ;).

What do you want to be remembered for?
I really enjoy teaching kiting now after over 5 years of doing it and over 500 students taught from all different walks of life its quite eye opening. I want to bring to my students what kiting has brought to me. Sharing along a smile and a bad joke I think goes a lot further then you might think.