Ewan Jaspan

Rider Profile

DOB: January 10, 1994

Hometown: Edinburgh, Scotland

Home spot: St. Kilda, Melbourne, Australia

Titles: Junior Australia Champion, 2nd Men’s Australia, 1st Victoria Mens & Juniors

Sponsors: Naish, Quiksilver, Kite Republic

Favorite Naish Gear: Torch, Dub TT & Mission Harness

Duties as Team Rider @ Naish: Compete on the PKRA, make videos, get coverage, show how good the gear is and have fun!

KB goals: Finish the 2014 PKRA season top 10 and make some good videos. 


What would I find in your refrigerator right now?
You mean my suitcase? Maybe a few old wrappers or bits of fruit, otherwise it’s the supermarket.

Favorite song right now:
Pretty into Tame Impala and also The Black Keys, especially the album Thickfreakness.

When are you happiest?
On the way to the beach, snow, cable park or football pitch for a session with mates.

What was your favorite childhood toy?
Probably my Scalextrics track! My mates and I had some intense races on that.

What’s the best present you ever gave someone?
Went all out on mums Christmas present one year when I was about 14/15 years old. I got her some pretty expensive hand creams.  The next few years the presents were fairly cheap, so I still can remind her of “that one time when I spent all my money…”

If your house was on fire, what’s the first thing you’d grab?
My dog and then I’d pick up my MacBook on the way (I’m sure everyone else would make it out ok).

What’s your dream travel destination?
Until last year, I had always wanted to go to Brazil to kite…next on the list is South Africa. I’ve heard so many good things! Also would love to spend a ski season somewhere like Canada or the Alps.

First impressions are everything. What do you think people think of you when they first meet you?

If you won the lottery, what are the first three things you would do?
First I would buy a house, then a car, and depending on the lottery winning size, an airplane. Next, I would probably give my mates some and then set the rest aside into year by year chunks and make it last!

As a professional athlete who travels around the world and sees different styles of kiteboarding, what do you think about the status of kiteboarding right now? How do you see it evolving?
When comparing kiteboarding to other sports, you can definitely see how we use disciplines from other sports such as surfing, wake boarding and windsurfing and hang gliding. I think the freestyle/wakestyle side of the sport is the only side that we can do better than its predecessor (wake boarding). We have the ability to go bigger with more style and more tech than wake boarders. At the moment, (especially the new unhooked movement) the sport is young and we are still working on getting these 3 parts of our riding together in one, as there are very few riders who can go big with style, power and tech. I think over time, the sport will start getting noticed by others and gain more legitimacy and respect from other board riders.