Getting the inside scoop on the new Apex bindings with Lars Moltrup

July 31, 2013

1) Why is the new Apex binding so unique?

The binding designs have evolved steadily over the last few years.  However, the level of adjustability, comfort and quality of the bindings on the market had large improvements yet to be made.  This is why we took it to the next level with Apex and made a premium binding that is available for everyone, everywhere.


2) Where did you get the inspiration for the Apex?

We are constantly looking at different sports and how they utilize technologies.  Not only how the products work and how they are shaped, but also how the production process enables them to innovate.  When looking at the snowboard industry, their bindings can be adjusted in a limitless number of settings and this is what we were aiming for when designing the Apex.


3) What is the benefit of the multi-adjustment settings of the Apex?

The Apex can be adjusted in numerous ways.  The specific locations of adjustment have been tested, tried and optimized, making the Apex the most diverse fitting kiteboard binding ever produced.

The duck/angle of the binding can be adjusted within 2 degrees and will fit any kiteboard from any manufacturer.

X-factor ergo strap is the first ever, fully molded strap with 4-point adjustment.  This means you can adjust it both in the front and the back on the strap itself.  The adjustable side wings allow the four points of the strap to be individually adjusted lengthwise for the desired angle, position and size of the specific rider.


4) How does the Apex perform in cold water?

The Apex has been tested extensively in cold water environments.  The durometry (softness) of the footbed and strap have been designed to work optimally in cold water conditions.  Furthermore, the strap has maximum adjustment to accommodate neoprene booties for people riding all year round.


5) What else is there to say about the Apex?

The footbed has been shaped ergonomically to fit the contour of your foot, such as the arch and the toes to make the pad stick to your feet and become a part of your anatomy.  It takes anthropometry, which is the study of human dimensions, into consideration in order to ensure the most comfortable fit for the most diverse spectrum of foot sizes.