How to Replace 2018 Torque Flying Lines

**2018 Torque Control System – Flying Line Upgrade**
Naish only uses top suppliers for our components and materials and maintains stringent quality control measures throughout the building of our products. Although every set of flying lines is pre-stretched at our factory, It has come to our attention that some flying lines on our 2018 kite control bars have been stretching beyond our acceptable tolerance when ridden.

While it’s not a safety concern, these lines are not up to our standards and may compromise the performance of your kite over time. As a result, we’re offering an upgrade to new TLS 500 flying lines—the strongest, stiffest lines available. If you’ve purchased a 2018 Torque Control System, simply take it back to where you purchased it to receive your new lines—free of charge.

To change out lines yourself, you can follow the step-by-step video above, or click HERE to download the instruction sheet ».