Louka Pitot Takes First Place at the French National Championships

August 18, 2021

Leucate, France: The French National Championships is a very important event for many kiteboarders, especially to French team rider, Louka Pitot. Louka has spent many months training on and off the water in order to compete at peak performance and this weekend, his training paid off. Louka rode his Traverse and Torch, leading him to a 1st place victory. After 3 years of battling head-to-head with the pros, we are so stoked on Louka’s outcome!

Louka said, “For the past few years, the French Nationals have been held in the famous beach La Franqui in Leucate. For me, it is the most important event of the year. It is the one where I really aim to be at the top of the podium. I have won this event 3 times in the junior division. I have competed in the pro division for 3 years but I have never won.” Pitot was more determined than ever to make it to the top.

“The conditions were quite tricky with strong gusty winds — it was my first time riding the Torch 9 m in over a year. That said, I had the best day competing with my best friends in the finals, being surrounded by my friends and cousins from Mauritius that came all the way to Leucate to cheer on me, as well as Nathalie, that helped me throughout the entire comp.

I couldn’t have been happier to celebrate my first victory against the pros with Naish, Play Mourouk, and Redbull by my side, and can’t wait to be back on my Traverse in a couple of days.

I’m thankful for everyone’s support, and hope to see you all on the water soon.”


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