Nemo Taylor

Nemo Taylor

Facebook:  Nemo Taylor

Instagram: @findingflyingnemo


Birthday: November 6

Current Residence: Redondo Beach, CA

Home spot or break: Belmont Shore, CA and Sherman Island, CA

Titles or awards: 2nd 2015 Lord of the Wind Freestyle, 3rd 2015 Lord of the Wind Big Air, 1st 2015 Delta Board Meeting Big Air, 2nd 2015 Kite Clash Big Air, 1st 2016 Bridge of the Gods Freestyle Masters, 1st 2017 Delta Board Meeting Slalom, 1st 2017 Bridge of the Gods Freestyle Masters

Currently riding: Naish Torch & Slash, 138cm Monarch, Skater 5’2″, Thrust Kite Foil with Hover 112

Other Sponsors: Sakos Apparel, No Limit Kiteboarding

Hobbies: atrocious acoustic guitar playing paired with slightly flat singing

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