Bar Widths: 50 cm, 55 cm 

Line Lengths: 22 +2 m

The Torque 2 + Torque QR Control System is a proven and high-quality control system. This control system provides ultimate safety and functionality for all styles of riding. The hard anodized aircraft-grade aluminum bar center and Nylatron insert in combination with the PU-coated trim line, results in a smooth bar movement and protection against wear on the trim line. The external flagging line allows easy monitoring of the wear on the flagging line. Additionally, the swivel allows for near-effortless line organization to reduce front-line twists. The system also features above-the-bar trim providing the rider with full control over the trim of their kite. The streamlined bar length adjustment allows for fine-tuning your kite's turning speed. The high-quality construction, advanced safety features, and easy-to-use above-bar design make the Torque 2 + Torque QR Control System the perfect choice for any rider looking for a reliable control system that can keep up with their needs.


ISO compliant Quick Release for absolute safety and reliability.


PU Covered Dual Trim Line System

The trim lines are contained in dual PU tubes for maximum line protection and smooth bar movement.


All-new floater design with an integrated flex section to reduce steering interference

Dual Density EVA Grip with Memory Core

Double EVA over a memory-foam core for a comfortable non-slip grip

Adjustable Width

Plastic inserts allow 10 mm total adjustment of width between lines

Hard Anodized Center Insert

Improved surface hardness to reduce wea

TLS 500 Flying Lines

Industry-leading strength, with reduced diameter for lower wind drag and water drag standard 22+2 m configuration

Flagging Line Stopper Ball

Limits the distance the control system can slide up the flying line after a release, greatly improving your chance of straightening everything out in the water and riding again.

Bar Technology

Anodized Aircraft-grade Aluminum Bar Center

Structural strength + impact resistance from the Torque Loop + smooth line entry to reduce wear & tear

Titanium Screws

Quick disassembly & replacement with universal key

Replaceable Nylatron® Insert

Dramatically reduces friction & wear on the trim line

Color-coded, Double Density EVA Grip with Memory Core

Comfortable, ergonomic grip

Durable Trim Loop Chicken Finger

The chicken finger holds the trim loop secure on the harness hook in the event of slack lines or extreme sheeting angles, reducing the chance of unintentional unhooking.

High-Quality Trim Cleat

Stainless Trim Cleat locks the trim line securely in place even with the lightest rider input. This cleat is fitted with an injection molded Velcro cover which secures the trim line handle while not in use.