Victor Borsuk represents Naish and Poland on the podium at the KTA

May 29, 2013


Naish Poland rider, Victor Borsuk, just won the Kite Tour Asia competition in the Philippines and China. After two months of training in Vietnam, he went on to the 3rd stop of the KTA on Boracay Island where he challenged the best riders in Asia. In the double elimination finale, he was challenged by Vietnamese Champion Long Nguyen Duc and both riders killed it! Fortunately our Naish rider won the final being more constant in his tricks, having more power in his moves and by sticking a frontmobe pass right in front of the judging tower.

Stoked for you Victor! Congrats to all Naish riders who participated!

The freestyle competition finished in this order:

1. Victor Borsuk (POL)

2. Long Nguyen Duc (VIN)

3. Ken Nacor (PHL)

Photos courtesy of: KTA / Alexandru Baranescu